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Well, of course there was a thorough investigation by Major League Baseball. I believe it was called the Dowd Commission. Again, they found absolutely incontrovertible evidence that Pete Rose did gamble on Major League Baseball games, and on games involving his own team.

cohibas from at 4:09pm ET

Why, if there is evidence in either direction, has proof not been made public? Public support is clearly in Pete's favor, so it would make sense for someone to come forward with some hard evidence to support or discredit him.

Bob Page at 4:09pm ET

I believe the Dowd Commission's report is a matter of public record.

RedBaron from at 4:09pm ET

Speaking of future Hall of Famers, what do you feel is the problem with Griffey Jr. in Cincy this year?

Bob Page at 4:11pm ET

You have to remember that he's way up at the top of the list in home runs and RBIs. He has been, as usual, sensational in center field, defensively. It's a tribute to his greatness that people are asking what's wrong with him. He's hitting 240 or 250, and he's no doubt feeling some pressure over having been traded to his hometown team and signing a big contract.

RedBaron from at 4:12pm ET

If we ban Pete Rose, do we ban other athletes from other sports for "illegal activities"? Hasn't happened!

Bob Page at 4:13pm ET

Again, I can't stress this enough — I refer to my earlier responses — you can be a drug addict and we understand, you can be a wife-beater, and unfortunately we even understand that. But you cannot gamble on the games. Everyone knows that. It's Rule One of every sport — you cannot gamble on the sport. That's one transgression that just cannot be forgiven.

Moderator at 4:13pm ET

We understand the ruling of MLB, but why are the fans so forgiving?

Bob Page at 4:14pm ET

Pete Rose was a hero, and everyone admired him. He was a great, great player, and the average person can really relate to Rose, because he wasn't a great athlete, like a Ken Griffey, Jr. Through hard work, hustle and desire, he made himself a great player and a winner.

Moderator at 4:14pm ET

Are there any other players that are not in the Hall for similar reasons?

Bob Page at 4:15pm ET

Certainly. Shoeless Joe Jackson was the top star of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox, who conspired to fix a World Series.

George from at 4:17pm ET

Pete Rose made a deal with baseball. He made his bed. Let him get in it and pull the covers over his head. He should never be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Bob Page at 4:18pm ET

Look, here's the way I feel about this. Because we forgive and frequently give people second or more chances, I'm willing to accept that Pete Rose was an addictive gambler, which he was, and couldn't stop himself. But Rose must come forward, stop lying, get out of denial and admit to the world what everyone knows: that he bet on Major League Baseball and on his own team.

He must apologize publicly, throw himself on the court of public opinion, beg forgiveness — and perhaps Major League Baseball could look at reinstating him. But he must do that, as far as I'm concerned.

Moderator at 4:21pm ET

Do you believe Rose will ever be in the Hall of Fame?

Bob Page at 4:22pm ET

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