Chat Transcript: Bob Page

That's maybe the best question we've had. Right now, I'd have to say no. As long as he keeps up this charade and keeps up his attempts to play upon public opinion and create public pressure on baseball, baseball will not be pressured — nor should they be.

Moderator at 4:23pm ET

Since the All-Century Team was announced at last year's All-Star game, there's seemed to be more public support for Pete Rose. Will that change Bud Selig's decision about whether to reinstate Rose?

Bob Page at 4:23pm ET

Baseball will not be pressured by public opinion or by Pete Rose's attempting to orchestrate public opinion.

Moderator at 4:24pm ET

The Hall was designed to pay tribute the sport's greatest legends, for their contributions to the game. Should morality play a role in determining entrance into the Hall?

Bob Page at 4:24pm ET

Drugs, alcohol, sex offense, whatever, this is a different issue. It's not just morality we're talking about here, it's violating the most sacred principle in sports.

Moderator at 4:26pm ET

How do you feel about the Veteran's Committee and what they have done with the Hall of Fame?

Bob Page at 4:28pm ET

It's a disgrace. Through a good-old-boy network and back-door politics, in proverbial smoke-filled rooms, they've taken players who could not gain legitimate election to the Hall of Fame and simply, arbitrarily, put them in — after their legitimate eligibility has expired. The Veterans Committee, in essence, has created a veritable Jim Crow society in the Hall — separate and unequal.

The Hall of Fame used to be a home for the truly great. Now it's also home to merely the very good. Now, there are two classes of players in Cooperstown. You have legitimate Hall of Famers (Aaron, Mays, Mantle, etc.) and you have those men who just happen to be in the Hall of Fame.

Moderator at 4:31pm ET

Bob, do you have final thoughts to share?

Bob Page at 4:35pm ET

I interviewed Pete Rose several times during his playing career, and several times since. I've even been a guest on his national radio talk show. I like Pete Rose personally, and have tremendous respect for what he accomplished on the field during his career.

But until he gets a big dose of reality and comes clean about his addictive gambling, he's going to remain on the outside looking in — no matter how much the public, myself included, would like to see him where he belongs: in Cooperstown.

Moderator at 4:35pm ET

Thank you for joining us.

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