Tuesday Morning Quaterback: It Doesn't Pay To Punt

Kahneman, Krueger and their collaborators also offer a vital insight -- that happiness comes from choosing time over money, but most Americans choose money over time. "Leisure is better for happiness than increased income," they argue, supposing that time spent in travel, having new experiences, relaxing, hiking, reading, or simply looking up at the stars is more important to our sense of well-being than a new car or impressive house. Unless you are in a bad financial situation, Kahneman and Krueger recommend you spend less time working, accept somewhat lower income, and use your freed hours to experience life. Barbara Bush memorably said that no one on his or her deathbed has ever regretted not staying later at the office, while many regret failing to spend more time with family and friends.

I'll add another suggestion on why time is more important to happiness than money: Because time is far more precious. Money that has been used up can be replaced; you can always get at least some additional money, and in principle can get huge amounts of additional money. Your time on Earth, on the other hand, is limited and irreplaceable. You might add somewhat to your time on Earth by taking care of your health -- and that's an excellent idea, but there are no guarantees you won't be hit by a bus anyway. We all must surrender some of our time for work to acquire income. But those who obsessively chase maximum material possessions give up something precious and fleeting, namely time, in order to acquire something that cannot make them happy, namely money.

Favre Moratorium Call Renewed: It's good that the storied Green Bay Packers have a W. But midway through their game this Sunday, after completing a routine pass for a first down, Brett Favre jumped into the air and began pumping his fists as if he'd just won the Super Bowl. A year ago, Tuesday Morning Quarterback proposed a moratorium on press coverage of Favre, who's a first-ballot Hall of Famer but at this point ridiculously over-emphasized by the sports media. Any other player who jumped into the air and celebrated wildly after a routine completion would be mocked. The standards that apply to everyone else should also apply to Favre.

Stop Me Before -- Hey, It Worked! Both J.P. Losman fumbles, the decisive downs of the Buffalo-Jersey/B collision, came during six-man Jets blitzes. Then again, Rex Grossman's game-winning late touchdown pass at Minnesota came against the six-blitz.

At night while TMQ sleeps, little elves come into my workshop and write the last 7,000 words of the column.Next One Will Have Seven Jewel-Encrusted Platinum Blades Forged In by Elves Beneath a Fog-Shrouded Mountain: First there were two-bladed razors, then three, then four-bladed, then the new Gillette razor with five blades in front and one in back. Now Schick has upped the ante further with a razor with four titanium blades. Disposable titanium -- only in America!

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