Super Bowl Bound? Leave Your Hibachi at Home

Stadiums that sit within a city's downtown typically offer plenty of nearby lots with owners happy to charge a fee to host the spirited tailgate scene. Venues outside of downtown areas are usually flanked with additional parking that would fall just outside the NFL's security perimeter.

Dolphin Stadium, however, sits in Miami Gardens, a tightly clustered residential neighborhood 16 miles north of downtown Miami, far from the action of South Beach and with little defined room for tailgaters to set up shop nearby.

With an estimated 120,000 visitors traveling to Miami for the game -- 45,000 more fans than the stadium holds -- it's unlikely that tailgaters will find a common space.

"I wouldn't know where to go a mile away," a member of the Super Bowl host committee said when asked about alternative tailgating options.

That explains Cahn's early trip south, where he planned to scout the area in hopes of finding an industrial lot controlled by a reasonable, welcoming and fan-friendly owner.

As for Baum, he'll fly with about a dozen friends into Fort Lauderdale, where they've reserved an oversize van. His tailgate crew will stock up on supplies -- including a new grill -- and drive to an RV park they found about seven miles from the stadium.

Not that he's happy with the NFL about it.

"They accommodate everybody but the people who care the most," Baum said. "I think they've lost their way. It's all driven by money, not by fans."

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