Steroids, Families and a Home Run Chase

Eight days after that confrontation, Garibaldi stole a gun from a Petaluma, Calif., shooting range and killed himself.

In Plano, Texas, outside Dallas, the Hooton family has a very similar story. High school junior Taylor Hooton wanted to play Major League ball so badly that he too turned to Mexican steroids. He grew up watching Major League players and was determined he had to be just as big and strong. During his junior year as a pitcher, Taylor recorded one save for his high school team and was preparing to be a starter for his senior year.

"Out of the 15 boys that were on that team, close to half, if not half, were already doing steroids, so Taylor didn't have to look far to find out what he needed to do," said Don Hooton in an interview with ABC News.

Like Garibaldi, soon after Taylor began taking steroids he became severely depressed. He never made it to his senior year. A month after he turned 17 years old, Taylor killed himself.

The Garibaldi and Hooton families have joined forces to combat steroid use among high school athletes. Both have pushed for laws that force high school players to get tested for performance-enhancing drugs. The efforts have been successful in Texas, Florida and New Jersey so far. Those three states have passed laws that mandate the random testing of high school players for steroids.

As Bonds gets closer to breaking the home run record, the two families are calling on him and all Major League players who have allegedly used steroids to come clean. Neither family blames Bonds or any players for the deaths, but they say professional athletes could save lives if they discouraged steroid use.

"I truly believe that all of the professional players were caught up in something that was bigger than themselves," said Denise Garibaldi. "In their desire to compete and to play at the height of their ability that steroids were available, were more or less sanctioned by everyone."

So far neither family has had any contact with Bonds.

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