The Cold Hard Facts of Bad-Weather Football

2. Green Bay: Don't know how the celebrities and A-listers who attend Super Bowls would like noshing on beer and brats instead of caviar and champagne, but it would be a heck of an experience. A day touring the Packers' Hall of Fame alone makes it worth the trip.

3. Pittsburgh: What, you thought I wasn't going to include my beloved hometown? The view from Mount Washington, after a ride up The Incline, is still breathtaking. Like Chicago, great ethnic neighborhoods and food, and a fun time in The Strip District (although it's not what you think).

4. Cleveland: Spend a day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then motor down to Canton the next day and tour the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The best of all worlds, right?

5. New York: No more Broadway Joe, but still Broadway, period. -- Len Pasquarelli

5. So, speaking of cold-weather cities, which one really is the coldest?

Coldest NFL cities

Lowest average temperatures in regular-season home games in December/January since the 2000 season.

Green Bay Packers 25.90 degrees (F)

Cleveland Browns 34.39

Kansas City Chiefs 35.06

Buffalo Bills 35.94

Pittsburgh Steelers 36.10

Chicago Bears 36.35

Cincinnati Bengals 36.56

New England Patriots 36.85

Source: Elias Sports Bureau

6. Why do linemen insist of wearing short-sleeve jerseys when it's 20 degrees?

This is all about image. Linemen want to prove their toughness to the players lining up across from them and there's no better way to do that than by baring the biceps in the middle of winter. Some teams, like the Kansas City Chiefs, even have a code among their blockers. The colder it gets, the less insulation they all have to wear.

However, this doesn't mean that everybody believes in this mentality.

"I personally don't agree with it," Chiefs Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen said. "A lot of guys do it to show they're tough and they're unified but I look at it differently. I'd rather be warm and kick your ass all over the field. That's how I'll prove that I'm tougher than the other guy."

Allen, who grew up in Los Gatos, Calif., said he let some teammates talk him into going without sleeves in a loss to Oakland on Nov. 25. He's since vowed to never do it again because he was freezing when temperatures eventually dipped into the 20s (game-time temperature was 43).

"I definitely take a lot of crap for it," Allen said. "But I want to be comfortable so I can perform out there." -- Jeffri Chadiha

7. Winter weather often means wacky football. Which cold-weather games stand out?

When the weather gets cold, strange things can happen. Keith Brewster, creator of the unofficial NFL Weather Hall of Fame, ranks his five wackiest cold-weather games:

1. Snowplow Game: Dolphins at Patriots, Dec. 12, 1982

On a snowy day in Foxborough, Mass., the scoreless game hung in the balance in the fourth quarter. That's when grounds crew member Mark Henderson, a work-release prisoner who was clearing off the yardage lines with a John Deere model 314 sweeper, received orders from Pats coach Ron Meyer to veer off and clear a spot for the hometown kicker. The Patriots' John Smith then connected on a 33-yard field goal for the 3-0 win.

2. Sneaker Game: Bears at Giants, Dec. 9, 1934

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