When Being Great Meant Sporting a 'Stache

Long sideburns could be the next hot look. Sam Hornish Jr. will challenge Paul Menard this season for the best, most well-maintained sideburns in the series. Not only do you have to trim and shape, but you have to be symmetrical. I love that dedication.

Menard can throw in the soul patch with his as well, which earns him bonus points on my scale. Can somebody take it to the next level in 2008 and go all-out mutton chops?

A look that's gained steam is the 48-hour stubble. Dale Earnhardt Jr. rolled into some news conferences last season looking like a college student walking into an 8 a.m. class. Not quite a beard, but far from clean-shaven.

Tony Stewart can sport a 425-grit stubble, which is perfect for smoothing out some Home Depot lumber. Stewart could grow a 48-hour stubble in about 10 hours, or, the approximate length of time it takes to run 500 miles at Pocono.

Perhaps the clean-cut, baby-smooth look will continue to prevail. We have drivers sponsored by Gillette, and very few sponsored by companies that sell mustache wax.

And besides, it can get itchy in those helmets.

Matt Willis is a studio researcher at ESPN.

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