Uni Watch: Play ball!

• The Dodgers have taken the completely unnecessary step of adding an alternate road jersey, which they wore for the first of the two games in Australia (further info here). And just like with the Cubs, the alternate road jersey has its own alternate set of pants, which seems a bit ridiculous, no? Also: The team script has been added to the back of the helmets, just below the MLB logo. Seems like overkill, no? (And as an aside, kudos to the Dodgers for creating a very cool Twitter avatar, and here's hoping minor league pitcher Zach Lee gets promoted to the bigs soon, because the kid has the makings of a Uni Watch hosiery hero.)

• Great move by the Giants, who've changed the insignia on their orange alternate jersey to their old 1970s script. It's a much sharper look, plus it'll match that old BP cap that Willie Mays always likes to wear.

• No on-field changes for the Indians, but the team has officially redesignated its block "C" logo as the club's primary logo, with Chief Wahoo being relegated to secondary status. This is the latest step in the gradual but unmistakable de-emphasizing of Wahoo.

• The Mariners will be hosting the Astros for a 1979 throwback game on May 24. (And speaking of throwbacks, check out infielder Brad Miller, who says yes to stirrups and no to batting gloves! He was a September call-up in 2013 and is on the roster bubble this spring -- here's hoping he makes the team and sticks in the bigs.)

• The Marlins' wardrobe includes orange caps and undershirts, but they've worn them only twice in the past two seasons. That's slated to change in 2014, as the team plans to dial up the orange this year. Also: Did you know the Marlins had a ban on facial hair? They did! But now they've dropped it, as long as the players "don't look sloppy."

• Lots of adjustments for the Mets, beginning with a truly dreadful camouflage alternate uni, which will be worn for Monday-night home games (further info here). Also: Both of the blue alternate jerseys will now have a Mr. Met sleeve patch. Also-also: All Mets jerseys this season will carry a memorial patch for former broadcaster Ralph Kiner, who passed away in February. The patch design is recycled from a design used in 2007 for a Ralph Kiner Night promotion. Finally, there's this: The Mets' roster includes an unusual number of players with lowercase letters in their surnames. In the past, the team has simply used capital letters, and has also used an upside-down P for the first letter in catcher Travis d'Arnaud's surname. This year, however, equipment manager Kevin Kierst has worked with MLB's uniform supplier, Majestic, to procure lowercase letters for the players who need them. (If you have access to the Wall Street Journal's website, there's an excellent article about this here.)

• No uni changes for the Nationals, but fans may notice that Nats Park has been spruced up with "hot-looking" red concourses.

• The Orioles are marking their 60th anniversary with a very nice sleeve patch. Here's a good breakdown of the inspiration for each of the patch's design elements.

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