Dallas Cowboys Hoping to Sign Michael Sam

The signing would serve as a homecoming for the NFL prospect who's openly gay.
2:04 | 09/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dallas Cowboys Hoping to Sign Michael Sam
NFL's gearing up for another season one of the biggest figures from the off season. -- figuring out his next move that's right Michael Sam was cut -- -- St. Louis Rams on Saturday but his attempt to become the first openly gay player. In the NFL isn't over ABC's Josh Haskell -- which teen is bringing and then for physical. Mike came -- and did everything we asked him to do in my played well he has the ability to place some place and -- -- it's got to be the right place Michael Sam on. His way to Dallas Texas according to ESPN's Adam show after that he'll take a physical leader today for the -- if you're Michael Sam. You're -- a great spot ESPN reported that if Sam passes his physical the cowboys intend to sign him to their practice squad. That would bring Sam closer to becoming the first openly gay athlete to play in an NFL game. Right now you're Michael slam all you have to do is show that you -- passion for football you willing to be -- and play hard Sam who plays defensive end. Could help the cowboys who have the worst defense in the NFL last season. After the rams let him go Sam treated the most worthwhile things in life rarely come -- This is a lesson I've always known the journey continue. Michael Sam telling reporters last week. I'm very confident that -- -- planned on her and her roster hospital. Michael Sam St. Louis Rams Jersey has been one of the NFL's best sellers since he was drafted back in May. That has to be attracted to the Dallas Cowboys the only team in the -- it doesn't split their merchandise sales with the other 31 teams. Josh Haskell ABC news New York. -- just we appreciate you really Anderson because Sam is from Galveston and the two defensive ends of the cowboys drafted -- injured so. Maybe listening more than just the kind of athletic ability makes for interesting NFL on a big college about -- have to say yeah so that I -- -- -- -- the cowboys I know you do your center. College they really do its side and I like the and a -- -- the pros.

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{"id":25227630,"title":"Dallas Cowboys Hoping to Sign Michael Sam","duration":"2:04","description":"The signing would serve as a homecoming for the NFL prospect who's openly gay.","url":"/Sports/video/dallas-cowboys-hoping-sign-michael-sam-25227630","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}