West Coast defense is all the rage

The scandal needs a name, and Lane-Gate is too obvious. Readers submitted suggestions via Twitter. Mark Spence of Oklahoma City suggested Chris-Crossed. Alex Heard of Santa Fe has a winner in A Bridge Too Fargled. Keith Jones of Chattanooga suggested an anti-Christie TV ad would have Arnold Schwarzenegger in "True Lies" screaming, "The bridge is out!" TMQ suggests Christie be nicknamed Governor Abutment.

The Bridge Too Fargled scandal suggests Governor Abutment is the all-too-familiar sort of politician who wants credit when things go well and blames others when things go poorly. Matthew Cooper writes in Newsweek -- which exists again! -- "What's not gotten attention is the role traffic plays in New Jersey's psyche and why that makes this such a blow to Christie. Auto congestion is found all over the country, but in the Garden State, traffic holds a special place. New Jersey is the nation's most densely populated state, which means cars are more densely populated. Bruce Springsteen waxed poetic about 'hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard.' In most cases the screaming is coming from frustrated drivers."

For the governor's office in New Jersey to go out of its way to create traffic gridlock would be as if the governor's office in Kansas went out of its way to stop combines during harvest season. The scandal suggests Governor Abutment either has no idea what's happening in his own office, or is a spiteful bully. Which is worse? As the Boss sings, "The highway's jammed with broken heroes."

Weasel Coach Watch No. 2: Louisville alums and boosters, how can you feel good about Bobby Petrino getting the football coaching job? People deserve second chances, but Petrino has been a weasel more than once. In 2006, he signed a 10-year contract with Louisville, then walked out on his promises one year later when money was waved by the Atlanta Falcons. There he couldn't keep his word even for one season, walking out on the Falcons during his first year when money was waved by the University of Arkansas. There he cheated on his wife and put his mistress on the school payroll.

The University of Louisville should at least pretend that it cares about character. And should remember TMQ's Law of Weasel Coaches: When you hire a coach who only cares about himself, you get a coach who only cares about himself.

How Did San Francisco Do It? The Cats seemed to be in good shape when, leading 10-6, they stopped Frank Gore at the goal line with time almost expired in the first half, then flushed Colin Kaepernick from the pocket on the next snap. Kaepernick looked like he'd throw the ball away, and the Niners would settle for a field goal, but instead perfectly rifled a touchdown throw to Vernon Davis as he was going out-of-bounds. The side judge ruled only one foot in, but several Niners immediately pointed out the divot on the field that showed Davis did drag his foot. Replay awarded the touchdown, and it was all downhill from there for the home team.

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