Winning 3 never far from his mind

Remember, we're talking about the man who used to be called Vinsanity when he wasn't being described as half-man, half-amazing. He's a dude who played a couple of feet above the rim and posterized enough opponents to decorate a teenager's room.

Carter averaged more than 20 points for 10 straight seasons, and he is this generation's human highlight film.

Now he's a role player, the sixth man on a No. 8 seed.

Oh, Carter still has occasional moments when he revs it up and has a Vinsanity flashback, but he used to have three or four a game.

"I just want to win and do for the team in practice or locker room," Carter said. "I'll yell or talk or do whatever I need to do to win.

"It's a great feeling when a coach sees that. And it's important to the team, and he appreciates that."

Carter averaged 11.9 points this season. He had scored eight points in the first 47:58 against San Antonio.

But Carter has retained a superstar's mindset. He has no fear of winning time. He wants the ball with an opportunity to win it or lose it.

Not everyone does.

"I don't mind the pressure shots. I don't mind taking the game-winning shots. I don't mind missing them and dealing with it," Carter said. "Having that mentality helps me, maybe not everyone else.

"I can take the shot with confidence, and I can live with it. Sometimes you miss a big shot -- 2001 -- and you hold on to for a while until you get the opportunity again. I'm just glad it worked out this time years later."

Twelve years, 11 months and six days to be exact.

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