Sochi Olympics: Olympic Committee 'Pay-to-Play' Rules Govern Corporate Tweets, Posts


A similar rule governs America's annual Super Bowl game, in which companies are restricted to calling it "the big game."

The IOC governs that corporate logos, such as those on the bottom of snowboards, shouldn't be too large either.

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"It just comes down to money," Quigley said about the Olympic sponsorship rules. "The IOC wants smaller logos because Salomon Snowboards is not paying to be an official sponsor of the Olympics. Instead, we sponsor and support some of the best athletes in the world, and they happen to make it to the Olympics on our boards, boots, and bindings."

Tuchman said he understands the need to protect corporate sponsors, but he said rules prohibiting individual athletes from participating in commercials or other endorsement opportunities during the Olympic games without mention or likeness with the Olympics sounds "very un-American, but then again it's a world governing body."

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Though Jones and Nicholls are "wildly popular" especially in their native Great Britain, Quigley said the Olympic rules are just spilled milk for Salomon Snowboards.

"The Olympics have never been a focus for Salomon. We've spent our money supporting some of the best athletes in the world and a few have made it to the Olympic stage," she said, explaining that's an added bonus. "Salomon tries to appeal to everyone, but we lean more to the core of snowboarding as opposed to a pay-to-play scenario like the Olympics."

Quigley said she's not aware of any legal or financial penalties Salomon Snowboards has had to pay in violation of Olympic rules, at least in her two years working for the company.

"From a brand perspective, it's just not worth it to meddle in there," she said.

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