10 iPhone Apps for a Better Night's Sleep

For those sleepers who like to mix and match the background noise they fall asleep to, eSleep is a good choice. It offers a wide variety of sounds and loops and enables up to three sounds to play simultaneously. eSleep is a good option for those who like variety and customization with their sleep sounds. This app is also available with varying levels of functionality in Lite (free) and Deluxe ($2.99) versions.

Attacked by Sleeping Husband
Attacked by Sleeping Husband

Cost: $0.99

7. Proactive Sleep

Proactive Sleep is a multifunction sleep app that includes basics like an alarm clock with snooze feature and ambient music. It also includes a more comprehensive "sleep diary" that lets users track their amount of sleep, difficulty falling asleep, exercise, caffeine consumption and more. The data is averaged and can be viewed in seven day cycles, 30 day cycles, or all days.

Cost: $0.99

8. Relax & Rest Guided Meditations

This is another guided meditation app that offers a choice of breath, deep rest or whole body meditations. The app also has helpful meditation tips included in the release on how to maximize the benefits of these meditation techniques.

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Sleep Disorder Puts Oregon Husband Adam Kearns in Jail

Cost $0.99

9. Alarm Tunes

Alarm Tunes is a straightforward app that enables users to wake up to any selection from their iTunesiTunes libraries. In addition to features such as screen dimming, alarm fade-in, shake to snooze and more, you can also use the app at night to fall asleep to music. It will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

This app is also available as a free lite version but with fewer options and functions.

Cost: $0.99

10. Relaxing Ambiance

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Falling asleep to sounds of nature can be a very peaceful way to drift off. With the Relaxing Ambiance app, users can choose from 56 sounds including beach ambience, wind chimes, and forest streams. The app also allows you to adjust volume and mix multiple sounds together to create your own sleep melody.

For the morning, you can set a wake up alarm using any of the programmed sounds to make the journey out of bed that much easier. This app comes in a free lite version with fewer sound choices.

Cost: $0.99

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