Strange New World: Tech Picks of the Week

Hello, again, dear readers and happy Friday to you all.

This week in technology has us dreading the dog days of winter and looking forward to leisure activities later in the year, and looking across the pond for a glimpse of what tech is to come.

Here now, our picks of the week:

The Beatles Come to 'Rock Band' 9/9/09

The long-rumored collaboration between the super popular music video game and the still super popular seminal rock band has finally been announced and there are some details.

The game will be available for all major consoles (XBox 360, PS3 and Wii) for $59.99 MSRP and is available as software to use with the current "Rock Band" configuration, or you can pay extra for new Beatles-themed guitars ($99.99 MSRP).

The "Beatles: Rock Band" will let players travel the same journey as the "legends from Liverpool" and play different songs from various points of their career. You will, however, have to provide your own bell-bottoms when you get to the "Yellow Submarine" era.

For more information, check out throughout the next few months.

It's Baseball Comes to the iPhone

We are huge baseball fans over here at Strange New Worlds and now that baseball season is finally here, we thought we would let you guys in on a great baseball app for the iPhone.

MLB at Bat Lite gives you real-time box score information and scheduling information straight to your iPhone. During spring training games and the World Baseball Classic you can get real-time, pitch-by-pitch information, play by play and in-game highlights of your favorite teams.

After opening day, you will have to pay for that part of the service but you will still get the scheduling and box-score information. Last year's MLB charged $5 for the full at-bat application, so it won't break the bank if you decide to upgrade.

The full application has the same functionality as MLB Gameday Internet audio, so you can even choose from home or away announcers.

For All of Our German Friends, CeBit Is This Week

The "governator" himself outshined all the tech and gadgetry at one of Europe's biggest IT shows this week.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke in Hanover, Germany, at CeBit and talked about the health of the IT industry, an essential export of his home state of California.

'Governator' Waxes Poetic at Tech Show

Despite the economic downturn the industry is experiencing (especially by big names like Cisco), the governor said poetically, "Losers whine, but winners move forward in a strong and powerful way."

Hardware makers are hoping the same thing and don't seem to be slowing down in their efforts to make headlines for salivating gearheads still recovering from January's CES show.

Topping the list are Android-based phones, Google's operating system answer to the iPhone.

Google's love of open-source platforms seems to be playing nicely for handset manufacturers eager to combat the overpowering appeal of the iPhone with smart phones of their own.

Turns out the timing might be perfect for the European market, as the interest in these phones is growing, despite the world economy. HTC is launching a "greener" flavor of Android phone called Magic. Vodafone is expected to ship the phone to market in April.