Could You Handle a Job at Google?

In exchange for the perks, getting a job at Google is famously hard., a Web site that lets people share information about salaries and job interview questions at different companies, said Google asked people a mix of brain teasers and highly technical questions.

For instance, think how would you answer this:

"How would you differentiate the same keywords in different contexts? For example, how can a search engine understand which of them represent the hotel brand name and which of them represent the celebrity, if a user searches for 'Hilton'?"

Or try this one:

"One person showed me a line graph with no labels, and asked me to describe what the line graph represented, and why." The person who posted that one at Glassdoor added, "GREAT question!"

For the record, Google will not confirm any of the questions it asks of applicants. A Google employee, who asked not to be quoted, privately said that before she was hired, she went through two cognitive skill tests, a personality test, and 13 interviews.

Don't be Evil....

Amid all the do-gooder stuff -- the company runs a philanthropy, -- the company has quietly been playing down the "Don't be Evil" slogan that took hold more than 10 years ago.

"If they were putting together a moniker today, I think they'd be a little more savvy about it," said Sullivan of "The whole 'evil' thing is evolving."

In the last decade, of course, Google has gone from quirky Silicon Valley startup to one of the world's most visited Web sites most powerful corporations. The compan has been the focus of a number of lawsuits, mostly involving Google's sheer size in the online world.

"They want to do good things, make the world a better place," said Sullivan, "but they're also a corporation."

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