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Federal regulators have proposed a new way to protect your online privacy. The Federal Trade Commission recommended a "Do Not Track" tool for the Internet, similar to the national "Do Not Call" registry for telemarketers. The tool would allow Web surfers to opt out of tracking that enables marketers to monitor their browsing habits and serve up targeted advertising.

Verizon Wireless 4G

Verizon Wireless is scheduled to launch its faster, fourth-generation wireless broadband network Sunday. The higher data speeds will initially be in 38 cities and available only to laptop users.

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Protecting On-Line Privacy

Smart phones won't be able to access the faster speeds until the summer. Verizon will charge less for 4G plans than for 3G ones.

iPhone vs. Android

If you're buying someone a smart phone for the holiday, here's something to consider: A new survey finds men prefer devices powered by Google's Android operating system, while women favor iPhone.

Overall, the iPhone is the favorite.

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