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Yahoo and Twitter are announcing a partnership today. Yahoo has already started showing more Twitter updates in its search results. Later this year, anyone with a Twitter account will be able to Tweet and follow others while logged on to Yahoo. Yahoo has a similar deal with Facebook as part of its effort to build a network of social networks.

Always Connected Generation

Anyone born after 1980 is probably never far from their cell phone or some other digital device. A new report by the Pew Research Center calls the Millennial generation "history's first always connected generation." It says many treat their handheld gadgets almost like a body part with more than 80 percent sleeping with a cell phone on, or right next to, their bed.

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Pogoplug Review

There are several ways to access your files over the web these days, but most of them require you to upload those files to a website, raising privacy concerns for many people. The Pogoplug is a $129 device that allows access those files without ever storing them anywhere but at home. The Wall Street Journal's Katie Boehret says the best part about the Pogoplug is that it just works. "They have a lot of secret sauce, if you will, that works in the background to establish secure connections, to make things work and keep them organized in way that you don't have to think about, which is really nice," Boehret says. You can read her full review on the Wall Street Journal's website.

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3D Fashion Show

British brand Burberry capped off London Fashion Week with a 3D runway show. They streamed the high-tech catwalk live around the world. Fans could do more than just check out the latest styles because anyone watching online could instantly order any of the items they wanted.

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