Baby Animals

Absolutely adorable baby animals!

Cutest Baby Animals From Around the World

Baby Pandas Make Their Debut
Giraffe Calf Makes Debut at San Diego Zoo
Meet the First Liliger Cub in the US!
Adorable Baby Elephant Frolics in the Shower
Adorable Baby Elephant Frolics in the Shower
Baby Gibbon Sneaks a Peek
White Lion Cub Debuts
Jaguar Cub has Fort Worth Zoo Seeing Spots
So Many Baby Pandas in One Crib!
White Lion Cubs Pose For Their Close-Up
White Lion Cubs Debut
Sleeping Otters Snuggle
Super Cute Sleeping Otters
Baby Cheetahs Join Dallas Zoo
ADORABLE ALERT! Baby Panda Debuts!
Baby Sea Turtle in North Carolina
Newborn Panda Makes Debut At National Zoo
PHOTOS: Twin Tiger Cubs
Three MiniPigs in a Pen
Bashful Baby Panda
Baby Elephant Gets Help From Mom
Baby kangaroo peeks out at world
Baby Liger Hitches a Ride
Dog Nurses Tiger Cub
Female Dog Feeds 10-day-old Tiger Cub
Baby zonkey makes his debut in Italy
Baby Hippo Born in Basel
First-Ever Twin Pandas Born at Zoo Atlanta
Adorable Bear Cubs Waltz
Giant Panda Cub Rests in Incubator after Birth
Baby Leopard Hugs Mother
Baby Leopard Hugs Mother
Pink Flamingos Hatch
Baby Oncilla Plays Around
Is it Father's Day for Lions Too?
Baby Lion Snuggles with Mom
Lion Cub Cuddles With Mom
Baby Gorilla Joins Large Primates
Baby Lynx Unleashes Mighty Roar
Cute Kittens Rescued From Prison
Baby Gorilla Gets Human Mom
Baby Lions, Tiger and Hyena Hang Out
Help the Saint Louis Zoo name their baby elephant.
Baby Monkey, Lion's Play Day
Baby Polar Bear Hangs Out
Baby Animals; Polar Bear Cub Snuggles With Mom
Baby Elephant Plays Shy
Baby Elephant Hides Behind Mom
Baby Orangutan Debuts
Today in Pictures: March 6, 2013
Luna, The Playful Polar Bear Cub
Baby Warthog Kisses Mom
Baby Warthog Kisses Mom
Baby Buffalo Roams the Road
Baby Komodo Dragon Emerges
White-cheeked gibbon.
Official Good Luck Pigs of 2013
Nikolaus the Donkey
Baby Clouded Leopards Debut at San Diego Zoo
Baby Hippo in Berlin
Baby Penguins Born at Aquarium
A pair of Gentoo penguin chicks are weighed and examined at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, Nov. 28, 2012.
Newborn Baby Chimpazee Takes a Nap
Baby Manatee Nursed to Health
Manatee Rescued
Baby Zebra Makes Debut
Rare Baby Zebra Makes Debut
Baby Elephant Chills Out
Baby Elephant Chills Out
Baby Elephant at Houston Zoo
Baby Elephant at Houston Zoo
Baby Bonobo Makes Debut
Twin Panthers Make Zoo Debut
Twin Panther Cubs are a Hit
Panthera Baby Cub
Six Newborn Lion Cubs
Newborn Giant Panda
Tokyo's First Giant Panda Born in 24 Years Dies of Pneumonia
Aquarium Welcomes New Dolphin
Aquarium Welcomes Baby Dolphin
2 Endangered Amur Leopards Born at Minnesota Zoo
Orphaned Squirrel Adopted by Cat Family
Mini Pigs Photographed for Calendar
Recently hatched cygnets walk beside the waters edge at Abbotsbury Swannery
Recently hatched cygnets walk beside the waters edge at Abbotsbury Swannery
Baby Elephant Debuts
Baby Gorilla Debuts
Baby Orangutan Turns One!
(San Diego Zoo, Ken Bohn/AP Photo)
Baby Orangutan Turns One!
This photo provided by the San Diego Zoo shows a female Sumatran orangutan hanging onto her mother, Indah, while foraging for food, Oct. 24, 2014 at the San Diego Zoo. The baby, named Aisha, turns a year old on Saturday, Oct. 25 and the Zoo is hosting a party for the little ape and her troop.
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