2006 Scion tC

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Scion 0 7.4 Base, hatchback, Gas http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/sc/31352790-2-120-0.gif 16800.00 16800.00

http://abcnews.com.com/2006_Scion_tC/4014-10867_7-31352790.html?subj=2006+Scion+tC&tag=feed∂=abcnews 0 1 0 The 2006 Scion tC has the best iPod integration we've seen, and an auxiliary jack for other MP3 players is standard. The whole car is very customizable, from the stereo to performance kits and parts. Rear headroom is almost nonexistent, while front legroom is tight for anyone taller than six feet. Core car tech features such as Bluetooth and navigation are not offered.

One of the best values we've seen, the 2006 Scion tC offers strong audio options and decent performance, but leg- and headroom are limited for taller people. http://abcnews.com.com/2006_Scion_tC/4505-10867_7-31352790.html?subj=2006+Scion+tC&tag=feed∂=abcnews 01-Dec-2005 11:39 AM PST