Experts say over the next hundred years the "perfect storm" of population growth, resource depletion and climate change could converge with catastrophic results.
Potential Future Scenarios
Earth 2100 Series
'Earth 2100': Note from the Producer Read more about the science behind the making of "Earth 2100."
Earth 2100
Earth 2100: Civilization at Crossroads Act 1: Meet Lucy, our guide through the next century, as civilization changes.
Earth 2100
Earth 2100: Civilization in Ruins Act 10: At the end of the 21st century, Lucy's world has collapsed.
VIDEO: Earth 2100 examines the effects of todays pollution on the future.
Without Concern for the Planet "Earth 2100" examines the effects of today's pollution on the future.
Future Scenario: Earth 2050
Experts predict food shortages, displacement and chaos in the year 2050.
Earth 2100: The End of Civilization?
To change the future, first you have to imagine it.
Is Civilization Near a Crossroads?
Lucy imagines scenarios of what may happen if the world depletes its resources.
Nature's Edge: 'Earth 2100'
Using a graphic novel to show what the planet will look like in 2100.
2014: Dragonfly Migration?
Lucy describes possible scenario of thousands of dragonflies in her home.
Disease: Challenge of the 21st Century?
New disease has potential to kill thousands or millions in a single strike.
Viewer Submissions: See the Future Through Your Eyes
VIDEO: Water rationing in 2015
2015: Water Rationing? Viewer hypothesizes water rationing as a result of inaction on global warming.
VIDEO: California water shortage
What Happens If Water Lines Run Dry? Droughts in California prompt viewer to predict a future without water.
VIDEO: 2050 viewer prediction
Brooklyn Under Assault in 2050? Viewer enacts what could happen if war breaks out in New York City.
VIDEO: Wildfire prediction
What if Wildfires Consumed L.A.? Viewer imagines future in flames, with refugee camps and "mass destruction."
2015: Climate Change Apocalypse
Viewer imagines daily weather report in age of violent storms, killer temps.
2100: A Swiftly Mutating, Airborne Virus
Viewers imagine lethal virus sweeping Earth; carriers marked with a red brand.
Global Warming
VIDEO: Mud and ice on Icebreaker Healy
Global Warming Data Buried in Mud Scientists study sediments to see how warming water affects marine life.
Erosion Threatens Barrier Islands Natural and man-made climate change stole 60 percent of Jekyll Island's beaches.
VIDEO: Vanishing Frogs and Orchids
Frogs and Orchids: Fragile and Vanishing From Costa Rica to Madagascar to California: Global warming's deadly trail.
PHOTO As global warming increases, water supplies around the world are decreasing.
Global Warming 'Fixes' Can Suck Up Water Experts are scrambling to factor in energy's huge water footprint.
Politics and the Environment
VIDEO: New fuel standards for cars
New Fuel Standards: Clean and Green White House proposal for auto carbon emission standards and fuel efficiency.
EPA finds greenhouse gases pose a danger to health; first step to climate change regulations
Greenhouse Gas Findings Elicit Joy, Groans Proponents hail EPA's decision, but critics say tighter regs may cost jobs
Obama WH Keeps Bush WH Rule on Polar Bears After the polar bear was added to the protected species list, the Bush administration limited its protection.
Obama's Climate Plan President-elect says halting global warming is a top priority.
Inventions and Innovations
Turning a Gallon of Water Into Energy
MIT inventor has "split a bottle of water" to power without carbon emissions.
Futuristic Homes Control Carbon Footprints
Meet the fully-integrated, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly home.
Alternative Energy: Mainstream Job Source
Companies are investing billions in renewable energy projects.
Gettin' Green at College
More American college campuses are embracing eco-friendly measures.
Learn About 'Earth 2100'
arth 2100 series
Bob Woodruff explores what might be the worst case scenario for civilization.
Bob Woodruff Reports
Earth 2100
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Earth 2100 'Game'
Earth 2100
Learn more about the game featured in Earth 2100 and how experts address environmental issues.
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