Gadget Gets You Off the Couch and on the Hunt

Another good feature is that before you start on a geocaching journey, you can hold down both front buttons to set a home location, so when you are done, just follow the arrows home.

The difficulty of the terrain on the way to the cache, as well as the difficulty of finding the cache once you are there, is displayed by up to four stars. Also, the size of the cache item is displayed on the home screen.

Choosing Your Geocaching Journey

If the closest cache to you is very small or hard to find, it's easy to choose a different one. The GC code, a unique code for each individual geocache, can also be displayed, though it is really only useful if you have access to the Internet through another device.

The Geocache Jr. comes with a lanyard and an optional update kit ($30). The update kit is used to make sure you have the most recent geocache locations and removes abandoned locations from the Geomate Jr., but I'd say skip the update kit because it's not quite as polished as the rest of the product, especially if you're using the Firefox browser. The 250,000 geocache locations that have already been loaded onto the Geomate Jr. by the manufacturer seem to be plenty, as there were more than 20 within less than a mile of me.

Tthe device is very good at doing what it was designed to do, but that a cursory knowledge of geocaching (Wikipedia or, for instance) and at the very least, a reading of the quick start guide in its entirety, is required to have a better chance at a more enjoyable and successful geocaching experience on your first day out.

One of the main objectives of this device is to get people off the couch and outside and at least for me, it succeeded in doing just that.

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