Tech Goodies off the Beaten Path

Spot Satellite Personal Tracker — $150 for device; $99 a year subscription

The Spot is a little orange box that may just save your life. If you've fallen and you can't get up in the outdoors you may wish you had a Spot attached to your hip, so you can live to tell about it. Cell phones tend not to work when you are stranded in an avalanche, but this device will use a Global Positioning System and satellite technology to send a distress call to a 911 center so that help will know how to find you.

Its one-way messaging also allows for the owner to send OK messages so that loved ones at home can track your progress up the mountain. A setting allows for spot tracking on Google Maps every 10 minutes. A pair of AA batteries will last a year if you only want to use the Spot for emergencies, but if you leave on the tracking you will need to change the batteries every two weeks. The young company rescued its second emergency caller last week after a snowmobile accident left the owner unable to get off the mountain and unable to use a cell phone. The distress signal is received in its Texas-based call center and the location was relayed to the rescue team who was on site within 15 minutes. The device works on land and at sea and on most continents.

Gibson Les Paul Robotic Guitar — $2,500

Music fans may not know about the technology that goes into instruments past the "pickup" that amplifies the sounds, but guitar giant Gibson gained attention with its self-tuning strummer. Limited to an early 4,000-unit run, the guitar has standard-sized tuning keys that are controlled by a CPU in the neck.

There are six pre-sets that are adjusted by a single strum that the robotic ears, brain and motors use to bring all six strings into perfect tune. Musicians have to tune their instrument each time they sit down and the Gibson robotic technology promises to make tuning faster, easier and hassle-free. An unnamed Gibson rep's assertion that, "chicks will dig it" couldn't be immediately tested, because all 4,000 guitars have been already spoken for, but Gibson promises to bring this technology to future products including other stringed instruments.

Cricket Laptop Stand — $39.95

Anyone who travels with their computer or actually puts a laptop on their lap will want a Cricket Laptop stand. The Cricket is fully adjustable, lightweight and available in three colors. The stand boosts your laptop into the air into any of six different positions to boost the computer into an ergonomic viewing and typing height. No more hunching. A simple concept that will make working on the road bearable.

iTornado - USB based micro computer that makes transferring files between Mac and PC easy — $79.95

Macs and PCs just don't want to get along and the iTornado is here to end the war. The small plastic disc has two retractable USB plugs that will each fit into a Mac and a PC. The onboard micro computer will allow the Mac and the PC to instantly access each others files for transfer. There are is no software to load. No settings to adjust. Connect the two computers and instantly start transferring. Four hundred photos take about two minutes to move between machines. Whether you're a switcher from one platform to the other or you use both types of machines you will enjoy the convenience and ease of this neat transfer gizmo.

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