Video Game Review: DJ Hero

Multiplayer challenges are not as fun since you are both playing the exact same track rather than playing against each other in a battle or alternating verses like the "Guitar Hero" games feature. There are certain tracks that you will be able to use the "Guitar Hero" guitars alongside the turntables but they fall short on creativity and fun. Another reason why this game is not multiplayer friendly is the price of the bundle. Priced at $119.99 not many people will be able to have access to the game or be willing to pay to have two turntables in their house. Unlike the other "Guitar Hero" bundles that come with more than one instrument that are in this price range, this game only comes with the turntable.

Is Size of Bundle A Setback?

The reason why Activision Hero games do so well is because of the great music. "DJ Hero" does not fall short on that. But at the price range that this game is at you would expect more including better multiplayer and party gaming options. Other "Guitar Hero" bundles come with more instruments and elements that make it a fun game to play with friends and family. They can also be used in most of the Guitar Hero games prior or for newer releases. If you already own the instruments you will be able to use them for the other games in the family. With "DJ Hero" you are limited to being able to just play the game you have purchased and will not be able to use it in the library of Hero games already out there. Overall "DJ Hero" is a good playable game featuring great music and a new format. The game will be a great addition for any music lover but the price might be a deciding factor.

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