Slimmed-Down E3 Aims to Lure New Gamers

In a similar vein, EA is offering Gamer Net and Photo Game Face with "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008." The "Tiger Woods" franchise is already considered to be a bridge game, one that a new user could jump into without much difficulty. EA hopes GamerNet will make it even more accessible to new audiences by replicating online experiences that they may already enjoy on MySpace and YouTube.

Similar to Nintendo's Me Contest Channel for Wii, which also debuted at E3, GamerNet enables "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008" players to make shots and post them online so that other players can challenge them. If playing through the Tiger Woods character is not relatable enough for someone who is new to golf and or video games, gamers can now take pictures of themselves and map them onto the character, thereby getting their own images on the screen and in the game.

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