Game Review: The Eye of Judgment

The other spells in the game generally change the element type of a chosen field or fields.

Like most card games, the fun in playing "TEOJ" is in who you're playing against. Because the game mechanics are not hard to learn, even for those unfamiliar with card games, it's not difficult to steamroll the computer with just the game's starter deck after a few games. You'll be looking for more challenging opponents soon after starting.

One of the big thrills in playing card games is in creating your own decks with a personal touch. The game's deck creator again uses the PlayStation Eye, which in this mode shows a live image of the game board. As players place cards on the board, the PS3 reads and records the card to store the deck as it's built.

The game's weakest link is something called "Judgment" mode, which lets players place creature cards on the same live game board as in the deck builder, click a button and then see who the victor is. Though the PS3 projects an animated image of the creature standing on the card, the creature will react to you if you get too close. It's nifty, but it's hardly enough to make this part of the game fun.

Because the attack and defend values on the card already tell you which card is more powerful and the creatures do not interact with one another, clicking the "Judgment" button to start the game does nothing more than start a countdown, at the end of which all but the most powerful creatures disappear.

Too Much Effort for Lazy Gamers

As someone who was once an avid "Magic: The Gathering" player, "TEOJ" represented the convergence of two of my favorite game formats.

Sadly, Sony Computer Entertainment failed to create a compelling card game or a compelling video game to pull me away from either more traditional video or card games that I've already invested in heavily.

One of the things that attracts card game players to the hobby is the fact that all you need is a pocketful of cards and, whether you're on vacation or in the car, you can play the same game and have the same experiences.

Video games require a TV, space and, of course, a gaming console. At $400 or more a pop, it's unlikely that any card players are going to run out and pick up a PS3 just to play "TEOJ."

One thing TEOJ does do well is whet the appetite. What could be is almost exciting enough to recommend the game, but aside from the included PlayStation Eye, there's little value in the game for true enthusiasts.

If you're a card game lover, stick to card games. If you're a video gamer and you've got a PS3, pick up "Warhawk" instead.

"The Eye of Judgment" is rated "T" for Teen and includes fantasy violence

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