Awe-Inspiring Antarctica, Up Close

Photographer shows effects of climate change on a fragile part of the world.

Antarctica: A Call to Action

Photo: A seal in endangered Antarctica.
Photo: Sebastian Copeland in Antarctica.
Pic: Antarctica is at risk due to global warming.
Photo: Ice floe near Melchior Island, Antarctica.
Photo:  Antarctica has warmed by 4.5 degrees since 1945.
Photo: Old icebergs eventually get weathered by the elements.
Photo: Whales in Antarctica.
Photo: Antarctica.
Photo: Sebastian Copeland in Antarctica.
Chinstrap penguin escapes a hunting seal patrolling the surrounding waters of Nekko Bay, Antarctica, 2006. By mid-summer, most Antarctica penguins spend their time on land, in rookeries to hatch and protect their chicks from sea predators. There has been an overall decline in the penguin population in Antarctica. Some rookeries have seen their numbers reduced by as much as 70 percent. It is believed to be the result of a drastic reduction in the krill population resulting from longer melt seasons, and a reduction in sea-ice surfaces. Krill, the shrimp-like crustaceans that live under frozen sea ice, is the main food source for penguins in Antarctica. (Sebastian Copeland)
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