Awe-Inspiring Antarctica, Up Close

Photographer shows effects of climate change on a fragile part of the world.

Antarctica: A Call to Action

Photo: A seal in endangered Antarctica.
Photo: Sebastian Copeland in Antarctica.
Pic: Antarctica is at risk due to global warming.
Photo: Ice floe near Melchior Island, Antarctica.
Photo:  Antarctica has warmed by 4.5 degrees since 1945.
Photo: Old icebergs eventually get weathered by the elements.
Photo: Whales in Antarctica.
Photo: Antarctica.
Photo: Ice floe near Melchior Island, Antarctica.
The green color of the sea reflects the white/blue brightness of the ice under water. Ice, under water, takes on a bright aqua-green luminescence, reminiscent of how sand looks in low-depth warm tropical waters. In this case, the water hovers around minus one degree Celcius (30F). Its freeze point is one of the lowest in the world because of its high salt concentration. As seawater freezes, salt becomes more concentrated in the remaining unfrozen water. This makes Antarctic water extremely salty, more so than most of the world's oceans. Ice floe near Melchior Island, Antarctica. (Sebastian Copeland)
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