Awe-Inspiring Antarctica, Up Close

Photographer shows effects of climate change on a fragile part of the world.

Antarctica: A Call to Action

Photo: A seal in endangered Antarctica.
Photo: Sebastian Copeland in Antarctica.
Pic: Antarctica is at risk due to global warming.
Photo: Ice floe near Melchior Island, Antarctica.
Photo:  Antarctica has warmed by 4.5 degrees since 1945.
Photo: Old icebergs eventually get weathered by the elements.
Photo: Whales in Antarctica.
Photo: Antarctica.
Photo: Whales in Antarctica.
The Antarctica peninsula was a busy whaling station at the turn of the century. Port Foyn was named after the infamous Sven Foyn, inventor of the explosive harpoon in 1868, who helped pave the way to a disseminating campaign by the whaling industry in the northern seas. They then set their sights on Antarctica. Up to 22 harpoon guns were used to outfit these killing vessels. At its peak, the slaughtering of blue whales reached more than 29,000 in one season (1931). In spite of the International Whaling Commission's ban on blue whale hunting, their numbers have never recovered. Today, the figure is around 12,000 globally. Humpback whale near Port Foyn in the Gerlach Strait, Antarctica, 2006. (Sebastian Copeland)
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