Amazing Animals

From fish to fowl, you have to see these creatures!

Amazing Animals From Around the World

Sea Lion Paints Way Into Chinese New Year
Watch Snow Monkeys Take the Plunge
Watch Snow Monkeys Take the Plunge
Nearly extinct unicorn spotting in Vietnam
Dog Climbs Mt. Everest
Amazing Animals From Around the World
Amazing Animals From Around the World
Amazing Rare White Humpback Whale
New Shark Species Walks Beneath the Ocean Waves
Terrapin Hitches A Ride
Goffin Cockatoo Is No Bird Brain
Goffin Cockatoo Is No Bird Brain
Lucky Goose Survives An Arrow Through His Head
Gulls Bully Puffin for his Dinner
Polar Bear Juggles at Moscow Zoo
Lion Cub Investigates Porcupine
Frog Stays Dry With Tiny Umbrella
Grizzly Bear Cools Off in Candadian Lake
Playful Seal Plays with Divers
Ruthless Showdown Between Otters
Hummingbird battles over hummingbird feeder
Texas Zoo Welcomes Two-Headed Turtle
Gophers Emerge From Flood
Gophers Emerge From Calgary Flood
Couple Love Pet Capybara
Pug Dog Nurses Tiger Cubs
Rodent Sports Flowery Costume
Rodent Exhibition in Minsk, Belarus
Lazy Frog Taking Stretch Break
Kabang Returns
A Pig With A Special Harness
Kingfisher Shows Off Fishing Skills
Kingfisher Catches Fish Under Water
L.A. Zoo Welcomes Baby Sophie
Predator Becomes Prey
Bird Surprised by Own Reflection
Fox Fight Club
Elephant Tests New Leg Cast
Two-Headed Pig Born in China
Two-Headed Pig Born in China
Giraffes 'Neck' for Mating Rights
Male Giraffes Do The Tango
Unlucky Sparrow Plucked from Mid-Air
Sparrow is Seized by SparrowHawk
Snail Takes Shelter from Rain Under 'Umbrella'
Snail Shelters from Rainfall Under Umbrella
Polar Bear Cools Off
Polar Bear Plays in San Diego Zoo
Deep Sea Specimens from New Zealand
Gonzo, Blind Sled Dog Gets Help From Brother Poncho
Pug Amazingly Survives Tasmania Inferno
Pandas Get Their Groove On
Pandas Get Their Groove On
Giant Panda Dances Gangnam Style
Orphaned Bobcat Is Too Nice
Prickly Pete, Cat Wrapped in Cactus
The Great Grey Owl in Lapland
Beekeeping Donkey
Diver Encounters 26-Foot Anaconda
Diver Encounters 26-Foot Anaconda
8-Meter Anaconda
Sabertooth Squirrel?
Dancing chipmunks in Namibia
Giant Panda enjoys Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake
Medusa the Longest Snake in Guiness World Records 2013
Fisherman Catches 12-foot Alligator
Great White Leaps for Lunch
Great White Shark Swallows Seal in Mid-Air
Rare White Lion Makes Debut at Jungle Island in Miami
Bob The Owl in His Own Olympic Feat
Rare Albino Hedgehogs
Injured Panther Uses Walker
Injured Panther Uses Walker
Injured Panther Kitten
red panda has concussion after 30-foot fall in Dresden, Germany
Jungle Islandâ??s Orangutans use iPads to communicate
Orangutan uses iPad
Pic Captures Bicycling Bug
Pedaling Mantis
Polar Bear Cubs Greet Spring
Purple Squirrel Found in Pa.
A Rabbit Gets Acupuncture
Cat Born With Two Faces
A Kitten With Two Faces
Matilda's Horned Viper
Gila Monster, Pronghorns and More
Great Migrations: Pronghorns at Risk
Seal Gets 18,000 Frequent Swimmer Miles
Jackson, the Elephant Seal traveled 18,000 miles in 11 months
Two Zebras Roam the Suburbs
Nine-Spotted Ladybug Makes Return to New York
Amazing Animals
Cyclops shark
Drunken Moose Stuck in Tree
Apes Use iPads
Ants Glow With Rainbow Colors
Massive, Ancient Wombat Discovered
Emperor Penguin Undergoes Third Surgery
Emperor Penguin Undergoes Third Surgery
Rare Twin Horses Born in South Carolina
Rare Twin Horses Born in South Carolina
Elvis Spotted on the Back of a Stink Bug
Miniature Horse to Celebrate 1st Birthday
Arrow removed from goose's chest
A Berlin zoo official says world-famous polar bear Knut has died. Bear keeper Heiner Kloes said that four-year-old Knut died Saturday afternoon March 19, 2011 while alone in his compound. He says the cause is not yet clear.
Scooter-Riding Dog in Times Square!
Scientists Wear Panda Suits to Help Captive-Born Cubs
Scientists Wear Panda Costumes to Help Captive-Born Cubs
Eye-Popping Picture of Spider Wins Contest
Mangled Cat Walks With Bionic Legs
New Carnivore Found in Madagascar
World's Biggest Dog Meets World's Tiniest
Monkeys in Makeup Sing for Suppers
Giant Koi?
Amazing Animals
Ew! Massive Jellyfish Stings 150 Even After It Was Dead
Amazing Animals
Amazing Animals
Wildlife Conservation Society Uses  Men?s Cologne as Latest Tool in Big Cat Conservation
'Pinocchio' of Frogs Among New Species in 'The Lost World'
Amazing Animals
Amazing Animals
Amazing Animals
Amazing Animals
Amazing Animals
Giant George Is World's Tallest Dog
Amazing Animals
This wallaby is the smallest known member of the kangaroo family documented in the world. (Courtesy Tim Laman/National Geographic)
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