Please Do Not Use These Programs for Illegal Purposes

Microsoft Live Labs has the story behind Photosynth, including three videos of the amazing imaging techniques they're working on. [Thanks, John M.]

If you're interested in imaging technology, take a look at "Microsoft the New Research Powerhouse in Graphics?" The story gives you a roundup of some of the new products from the recent SIGGRAPH 2007 show.

Me, I'm heading back to the Photosynth site to see what's cooking at the South Korean Palace.

The Google News blog announced an experimental--and very welcome--addition to the news service. If you or your company is quoted, or even just mentioned, in a story indexed on Google News, you can have your say.

Once Google verifies you're really the person or organization in the story, your comments are posted online.

Note to every PR flak I've worked with in the last 20 years: Be gentle, willya?

Dig This: Have you ever wondered how many cars, PCs, or bicycles are manufactured each day? How about the number of daily divorces, traffic accidents, or drownings? Get all the stats you'll ever need to be the life of your next dinner party by visiting the World Clock. [Thanks, Tom and Gus!]

You thought I was kidding when I said Google makes daily headlines, eh? Here's proof: Read "Google Offers Fee-Based Storage Rental" to see how much storage you can get--and what it'll cost. Then hop over to "Google Mistakes Own Blog for Spam, Deletes It" for a chuckle. Finally spend a few minutes with our very popular [drum roll, please...] "In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in Google Earth."

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