Greatest Hits of Viral Video

The Reverend Robert Tilton TV Ministries program was a real televangelism series based in Texas in the 1980s. On his show, Tilton talked about praying to Jesus for the growth of one's bank account and for success in business ventures. But the show was "reborn" and became a bona fide viral smash when somebody, uh, "augmented" the show's sound track. The reverend and his people, we're told, have busily been taking down these videos as fast as they appear on viral sites like YouTube; so if the embedded video below goes dark, just do a Google search for the Farting Reverend.

High Drama

Millions of people have watched this 5-second video, which consists of a zoom shot of a hamster in a cage as it turns around and looks wide-eyed at the camera. It's unclear who the original author of the video is, but "Dramatic Hamster" is one of the most remixed videos on the Web. One remixer gave the hamster a James Bond theme, somebody else added a Kill Bill touch--and the possibilities go on from there.

The most recent entry in this greatest hits list of viral videos is also one of the most pathetic: It's the androgynous-looking Chris Crocker's impassioned plea that people "Leave Britney Alone!" Huddled under a sheet, with the camera inches from his face, 20-year-old Crocker pleads, begs, cries, and whines. It's up to you to decide whether Crocker is serious or is doing some kind of weird performance art. Regardless, Crocker signed a development deal with 44 Blue Productions to make a reality-TV series about his life.

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