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What a difference a decade makes: Can you believe you used this technology just ten years ago, then unwound with a game of Doom? Join our look back at your first PDA love, not-so-portable music and the day long before Mac could ridicule PC. Whether you're 23 or 53, you might remember that life was a bit different in 1998. Every man, woman and child had yet to be outfitted with a cell phone and a high-bandwidth Internet connection, and bulky tech was the norm. VC-backed startups were flush with cash and dotcom workers dreamed of big-time dollar signs at the end of their long work days. Newspapers hadn't yet been overthrown by online news sites, and their headlines shouted about a different Clinton (and his trysts with an intern). And yes, we checked: Gas really cost less than US$1.25 a gallon.

A decade later, you can't imagine life without your BlackBerry. And some tech toys of the '90s seem almost primitive.

Have you got 10-year nostalgia? Take a look at our time trip, then click here to add your own thoughts on the biggest technology differences between the decades.

Must-Have Tech of 1998

Your PDA First Love

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