Ballmer Grilled on Yahoo Deal

After Kawasaki had his way with Ballmer, audience members had their chance to question the executive. Several of them also asked about Yahoo, including how Microsoft might split up its own infrastructure and Yahoo's -- particularly investments Yahoo has made in building its platform on PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), an open-source scripting technology for building dynamic Web content.

Ballmer said Microsoft would likely use services and hardware infrastructure from both companies, including Microsoft's services that use its own ASP.NET programming language."We will be a PHP shop as much as an ASP.NET shop if we own Yahoo," he said.

He added that Microsoft has taken pains to make sure applications coded in PHP run well on its recently released Windows Server 2008 platform, though he said that Microsoft has no plans to replace all of Yahoo's infrastructure with Windows Server if it takes over the company.

However, not all services from both companies are likely to survive. "We shouldn't have two of everything. It won't makes sense to have two search services, two advertising services, two mail services," Ballmer said. "Some will undoubtedly come from the Microsoft side, some will come from the Yahoo side."

Ballmer even did a brief reprise of his famous "Developers" rant -- immortalized in a YouTube video showing the sweaty Ballmer repeatedly chanting the word "developers" on stage while pumping his fist during a keynote address -- when an audience member asked if he would "show some love" for Web developers.

"I've been in [public relations] mode this whole time, and you want me to get up right now and show some love?" Ballmer bellowed, rising from his chair. He moved to the edge of the stage, stood up to his full height before the audience and hollered, "Web developers, Web developers, Web developers, Web developers!" before returning to his chair and previously restrained demeanor.

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