If It's Good Enough for Shatner...

Of course, you have to wonder whether Cosby ever actually owned a TI-99/4A, which we declared one of the worst PCs of all time. Did he ever balance his checkbook with Household Budget Management or play Alpiner? Did he curse the terrible TI-99/4A joysticks and throw them against the wall when he lost? Does he still have one sitting in his attic, or did he sell it in a yard sale in 1989 along with a model of the Notre Dame constructed with Pudding Pop sticks? Perhaps only Clair Huxtable knows for sure.

Bill Gates and the Radio Shack Tandy 2000 (1984)

Product endorsement ads like this one weren't unusual for Microsoft's chief honcho back in the early 1980s. Of course, those were the days before Microsoft was insanely huge, rich, and unstoppable.

"When we set out to design MS-Windows in color," Gates says in the ad, "we knew that the Tandy 2000 computer would let us turn an extraordinary product into a work of art." Um ... right.

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