New Apple Nano and Touch and an iTunes Upgrade

10:14 PT - DM: Now on to the iPod. NPD Data shows iPod with 73.4% market share in U.S. Number two is actually "other"-no name brands aggregated together-with 15%. SanDisk is #3 with 8.6 and #4 is Microsoft with 2.6%. Around 5,000 iPod accessories. "They announce products even before we want them to. It's, uh, funny." 90% of U.S. cars offer iPod integration. Cumulative iPod sales over 160 million.

10:13 PT - DM: iTunes 8 is available today as a free download at And yes, Jason, we are indeed proverbially "rocking."

10:13 PT - JS: I think it's safe to say that we are officially rocking. Right, Dan? Are we rocking now?

10:11 PT - DM: And now Steve's playing John Mayer. We knew he had to show up in some form, right? So, he's made a playlist of songs that go with Mayer's piece. Coldplay, for example. Here's another one, with Elvis. He picks Heartbreak Hotel. Make a playlist out of that and it adds Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and more. Bringing out the sidebar shows some Elvis albums that Steve's missing and some other artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, and others.

iTunes Updates

10:11 PT - JS: Lots of applause for that clip. Honestly, I think the clapping was more for Jim once again frustrating Dwight (this time by pairing his bluetooth headset with Dwight's phone) than about the HD quality. But it did look good.10:09 PT - DM: Here's a demo of Genius. The browsing interface looks a lot like iPhoto. He's playing "Respect" by Aretha Franklin; classy choice. It works in Genre too, with little placeholder icons for the different music types. Can also scan albums by composer, which is nice for Classical fans. We're going to take a look at an HD TV show-The Office. I think he's actually showed this clip before.

10:07 PT - DM: How's it work? The iTunes Store is up in the cloud and they added "Genius algorithms" that they've developed. You can turn it on and it'll send info to iTunes about your music library: track names, play counts, ratings, playlists (seems like a good way to build a huge library of information). It's all anonymous; your IDs are not kept around. Not just info from one person, obviously: they combined it with all the other iTunes users as well. As more people send up their information, Genius gets smarter and smarter, and the results start. (Dan Frakes comments to me that this is how Skynet starts. Come with Steve if you want to live!)

10:08 PT - JS: Just a funny note from the event. We are surrounded by the sound of fast, furious typing fingers. Is the entire world liveblogging this event? I suspect it is. They're all here.

10:06 PT - DM: Genius. A new feature that lets you automatically make playlists from songs in your music library that "go great together - with just one click." There's a button in the bottom right corner that lets you make a Genius playlist. It's got a drop down for track limit. A genius sidebar makes recommendations from the iTunes store that might match the Genius playlist.

10:04 PT - DM: Steve's showing off album browsing, but it's not so space efficient, especially for when you have few tracks per album. Adding ability to look at albums by album cover, and you can also look at albums by artist (just like in iPhoto, you can skim them). And it works with movies, TV shows, including unwatched episodes, podcasts, etc.

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