15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All

13. Piracy ain't just a PC problem. Console piracy rates barely scratch the PC's reportedly onerous numbers, but the former's aren't exactly waning. The more people playing console games, the more the scene laser-targets each console's proprietary padlocks, the more increasingly end-user-friendly workaround hacks and mod-jobs and firmware-fooling pre-insert ROM disc tools flood the market. While there may be cash to have short-term by switching gears, abandoning the PC over piracy rates may turn out to be yet another iteration of the "grass-is-greener" myth.

14. PCs excel at family-hotseat-group-play, too. First of all, You Don't Know Jack was working the lines long before the likes of Scene It!. Second, sure, there's stuff like Buzz Quiz and, you know, Amercan Idol Encore 2 on tap, but they're still a tiny fraction of the broader number of family-friendly party games you can pull up (many for free) and play on your PC, whether piped through an office monitor or jacked into your Dolby/plasma master-lounge-center.

15. PC display screens trump living room TVs. The old anti-CRT/NTSC argument is finally weakening now that HDTVs with 1080p have a foot in, but I'll still see your 1920 x 1080 max lines of resolution and raise you 3840 x 2400 while you're waiting for market momentum to clumsily foist the Next Big Thing on entertainment centers (while online entertainment providers ironically bleed the life out of picture quality by compressing the heck out of on-demand digital video). Okay, so picture quality's not as big a deal these days for non-videophiles, and graphics bickering is pretty 1990s. Still, I needed a 15th point, so there you go!

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