OnLive: Will it Beat Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii at Their Own Game?

I mean, OnLive will let you spectate people play as well as join in games. Not too shabby. But going back to one thing that I am probably digging the most about this: If done right, the service can stick it back to resellers that are cashing in on used game sales. At those retail stores, they profiteer of old games, resell 'em, and not share any of the profits without the folks that actually make the games. I mean, the music and movie industries are figuring it out through the likes of iTunes and Hulu, but games are hugely demanding mediums. And I, for one, would love to see more money go back to the right people. Not vultures.

Sid: Good thought. You know you're making some powerful enemies here though, right?

Darren: Y'know, the funny thing is, in the past, developers used to be polite about retailers that resold used games. They'd grumble because it was basically the only game in town -- so to speak. Maybe it's a sign of the economic times. Maybe it's because digital download / streaming technology finally looks ready for real world use. Whatever the reason, developers and publishers want (and for what it's worth, I think they deserve) a bigger piece of the pie.They said as much at DICE back in February.

Think about how the Roku box and the NetFlix Instant Access Queue on the Xbox 360 started pushing people to sign up (I did). I'm not racing out to buy DVDs like I used to a year ago. All I'm saying is that, technology is blowing down all kinds of doors. I may still be a little skeptical if OnLive can pull off everything they are promising, but it's a promising-looking start.

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