New Search Engine Tries Smarter Tricks

What's more, some corporate information listed by Accoona might be considered a little less than helpful. It listed Disney's "sales volume" and "company size" as cryptic numbers -- "27061" and "112000," respectively. The general mailing address and phone number are correct. But the main "contact" person to call at Disney? None other than company CEO Michael Eisner himself.

-- Andrea Smith and Paul Eng, ABC News

The Net Is Music to Artists' Ears

For most musicians, the Internet has gone from foe to friend. Despite the nasty court battles over illegal music downloading and the hefty legal fines doled out to pirates, music artists no longer consider the Internet the enemy.

In a recent survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, self-described musical artists are approaching the Net with open arms.

"They're embracing the Internet as a tool in their creative lives that help them create their work, promote it online, sell it, collaborate with other artists and connect with their audiences," says Mary Madden, a research specialist with the non-profit research group.

According to the report, fully two-thirds of those musicians questioned say the Net is "very important" in helping them create and distribute their music. In fact, 83 percent of survey respondents said they even offer free samples of their works online.

Madden says most artists don't consider sharing music online a concern anymore, either.

"Their overall judgment is that unauthorized file sharing does not pose a major threat," says Madden. "Two-thirds of artists say peer-to-peer file sharing poses only a minor threat or not threat at all to them."

The survey interviewed over 800 self-described artists and has a 4 percentage point margin of error. The complete report, "Artists, Musicians and the Internet," is available for free at the Pew organization's Web site:

-- Karen Chase, ABC News

Cybershake is produced for ABC News Radio by Andrea J. Smith.

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