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Top 5
The Computer Types
1. Tablets with detachable keyboards
This is likely to be the most popular type of Windows 8 device. Companies such as Acer,...
PHOTO: The Acer Iconia W510 is a Windows 8 tablet with an optional keyboard dock.
2. Laptops with touch screens
Because Windows 8 is also meant to be a regular laptop and desktop operating system --...
PHOTO: The Aspire S7, introduced at Computex 2012, is a Windows 8 ultrathin laptop with a touchscreen.
3. Laptops with two screens
Asus's Taichi might be in a category unto itself, and it is by far the craziest new...
PHOTO: Asus' Taichi is a Windows 8 laptop turned tablet with two screens.
4. Laptops with flippable screens
The Lenovo Yoga was unveiled at CES in January, but it's another example of the crazy...
PHOTO: Introduced at CES 2012, the Lenovo Yoga is a Windows 8 laptop that morphs into a tablet with a bendable screen.
5. Tablets with Slide Out Keyboards
Oh, yes, there is still another way to combine a tablet with a keyboard. MSI and Toshiba...
PHOTO: Toshiba showed off a tablet with a slide out keyboard at Computex 2012 in Taipei.