Back to School: Laptops, iPads, Music and More


These are pricey for over-the-ear headphones but they're incredibly comfortable, sound great, and do double duty. The Embrace is a wired stereo headset that comes with a cable with integrated mic and controls for iOS devices. That means you can listen to music and make or take calls without having to take your device out of your bag. Sounds great for multi-tasking students. The integrated in-line remote control and microphone is designed for iPod, iPhone or iPad, but BlueAnt also supplies an adapter, which expands support for the microphone and remote to other devices.


Backing up your files and data is as important as brushing your teeth every day. You do brush, don't you? Equally as important to a mobile student is having access to those files wherever they are, not just on an external hard drive on the desk.

Think cloud. Sugar Sync lets you select which files you want to back up in real time, and gives you access to them in the library, in the coffee shop, or in your classroom. In fact, if you made a recent change to a paper you don't like, you can even access a previous version of that file.

You can also share select files publicly if you're working on a group project. There are other cloud-based storage options, like DropBox, but Sugar Sync gives you the option of continuously syncing multiple files. Backing up has to be a no-brainer or no one will do it. A 5GB account is free, above that you pay. There are free apps for SmartPhones.


One last thing: software. Check with school before you buy an Office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.). They're expensive, and many schools include them in the technology fee you pay. They may give it to you free or at a much reduced price once you arrive.

Also, make sure your antivirus software is up to date and running. Norton and Trend Micro make software that protects you on a wireless network as well, great for students logging on and off to free wi-fi wherever they go. AVG offers free antivirus protection, you can download it here:

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