BanditTracker: Have You Seen This Bank Robber?

Developer: BanditTracker Helps Connect the Dots

He said that since the first site launched, at least 10 million photos have been viewed on all the BanditTracker sites. While he couldn't quantify their success, he said the sites have helped solve several crimes in nearly all of the regions.

"Being able to connect the dots a little easier and see the images had helped see results," Kevilus said. "I think the best thing is getting the information out there and keeping it out there."

People may see fleeting images of suspects on the news, but he said that's not the most effective way for people to relate and process the images.

The Web site lets people see how the suspects appeared when they committed crime and read about how they executed their robberies, he said.

And he emphasized that part of the site's success is that, though the content is supplied by law enforcement, it isn't officially a law enforcement Web site. That helps speed up the process of getting the information online and in front of the people who could help, Kevilus said.

Some might say that the name – BanditTracker – doesn't hurt either.

When he first started working with Texas law enforcement to create the site, Kevilus said information wasn't always moving smoothly between the various organizations. But BanditTracker has helped agencies that have sometimes been tight with the information they share with crime-fighting partners and the public and ultimately it has helped catch crooks.

"As it continues to grow, we'll get more and more of these guys," he said.

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