Watch Out: Cyber Threats to Expect in 2010

McAfee noted one new technique that involves interrupting a legitimate transaction to make an unauthorized withdrawal, while simultaneously checking the user's transaction limits to fly below the radar and avoid alerting the bank.

McAfee said another target for online crooks this year will likely be Google's new operating system, Chrome. The tech giant, which has already released a Chrome browser, is expected to release an entire open source operating system this year to rival Microsoft Windows, Linux and others.

As the "new kid on the block," McAfee predicts attackers will attempt to break the code and prey on consumers.

While Microsoft has a lot of experience with operating system security and regularly sends out patches, Marcus said it will be a brand new world for Google.

Adobe to Be Number One Target for Cyber Criminals

But the No. 1 target for cyber criminals in 2010? McAfee expects it to be Adobe products, especially Flash and Acrobat reader.

"It really kind of speaks to Adobe's popularity," said Marcus. "When you're searching online for a document, chances are it's a PDF you're going to download."

During tax season, for example, if you're hunting for an instructions guide, he said chances are it's going to be an Adobe PDF file -- not a Word document -- that you'll find online.

Symantec also warned that malware for Mac and mobile devices will increase. As Macs and smart phones (such as iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android phones) increase in popularity, attackers will spend more time figuring out how to exploit them.

But not all predictions for 2010 are negative.

As law enforcement recognizes the severity of the damage cybercriminals inflict, they are stepping up efforts to combat them. Marcus said international cyber law enforcement had a number of successes in tracking, identifying and arresting cyber criminals in 2009, and McAfee expects that trend to continue in 2010.

And, ultimately, Marcus said his company releases the threat predictions to keep consumers educated about security trends and make sure they use safe browsing technology and anti-virus software.

"You've got to look both ways before you cross the street," he said. "They shouldn't be scared, they're more empowered."

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