Felix Baumgartner Plans Parachute Jump From Edge of Space


Daredevil Felix Baumgartner Plans 23-Mile Space Dive

When Kittinger made his record jump in 1960 he did it as part of an Air Force research program. It is irony not lost on any team member that this time, a corporation is pushing the envelope on technology and human endurance.

Clark sees this as the future. "This used to be the realm of government entities, but now we are seeing private companies take on innovation -- who are willing to take a chance. Look at SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, who could open up space for more people.

"If this succeeds, I could see this kind of extreme sky diving become recreational," said Clark. "I would want to try it myself."

Joe Kittinger is now 83; he will be the Stratos Flight Director, the voice of this mission. He has repeatedly played back every step of his historic jump with Baumgartner, and isn't quite joking when he says he would trade places.

"I told him if he changes his mind, I am ready to take over for him."

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