Game Review: 'Kid Icarus Uprising' From Nintendo


'Super Smash Bros.'

The touch of Masahiro Sakurai, the designer behind "Super Smash Bros.," is seen everywhere in "Uprising." Backgrounds and platforms constantly shift as they do in "Smash Bros." stages, with beautiful ever-changing uses of light and color. Sakurai brings multiplayer battles to the fray as well, offering frantic online battles with scoring systems reminiscent of the Smash Bros. series.

'Kid Icarus'

Of course, the game is not entirely a sum of other game's parts. "Kid Icarus Uprising" borrows deeply from itself, sticking to its lore and treating the 8-bit events of the '80s as canon. The sound effects, enemies and characters are all there, the only thing I missed was exploring dungeons with the power of flight.

"Kid Icarus Uprising" feels every bit as if it belongs with Nintendo's best franchises, even if it feels like an amalgamation of some of those best series.

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