Egg Substitutes From Plants, Not Laid By Chickens


While the taste and the eco-awareness are there in Hampton Creek products, Tetrick knows that his company won't succeed unless it is also able to compete in price. "My dad doesn't care about climate change or food safety," he said. "The only way we'll succeed is not by promoting our sustainability, but by having a product that is both better and more affordable than our competitors."

While Tetrick has some say in the pricing, it will vary from grocery store to grocery store. "Generally, it's about 10 percent less expensive than current mayo options," he said.

A spokesperson for the Northern California region of Whole Foods Markets confirmed with ABC News that starting Sept. 25, some markets will use Just Mayo to make vegan varieties of tuna and chicken salad in their prepared foods section. However, the jars themselves will not hit retail shelves for a couple of months at the earliest. Tetrick said that Just Mayo will be made available online sometime within the next three weeks.

Other Hampton Creek products are in the works, made from different plants than the green pea used for mayonnaise. Morgan Oliviera, the communications director for Hampton Creek, said that people can expect Just Scrambled, a veggie product made to scramble like real eggs. Then there is Eat The Dough, a cookie dough that can be baked or eaten raw without worrying about salmonella.

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