When Indirect Lightning Strikes Your Home


If there is lightning storm moving through your area there are some ways to protect yourself. Move away from trees and hilltops and head to lower ground. Get into a car if you can, because if lightning hits, the metal exterior will conduct the electricity leaving anyone on the inside relatively safe.

If you happen to be inside your house or business, that doesn't mean you're automatically safe.

"Don't touch anything that might become a conductor, including water, electrical appliances, computers, metal sliding doors or window sills," said Kithil, who added that Benjamin Franklin once said the only absolutely safe place to go in a lightning storm is "inside sitting in a silk hammock reading a good book."

After his experience, Almeida has learned to be extremely cautious of storms.

"I don't pick up the phone when it's thundering and lightning out ... and if it's really bad you just might catch me under the bed," Almeida said.

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