October Tech Bonanza Coming: iPad Mini, Windows 8, Surface, Google Phones


Microsoft Windows Phone 8
Launch date: Oct. 29

Microsoft's just not planning to sleep this month (which means we won't be either!). After releasing Windows 8 it is planning to release Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29 at an event in San Francisco. The phone operating system has been previewed and has some new features, including new homescreen customization options and maps. Nokia, HTC, and Samsung have already announced plans to release phones running Windows Phone 8 and those are supposed to be out shortly after the launch.

Google Nexus by LG
Launch date: Late October

Google is not going to let the other tech giants steal the limelight all month. Google has been rumored to release the next version of its Nexus phone at the end of the month as well. (Google's Nexus phones have typically been made in close partnership with Google and another company. They also are the first phones to run a brand new version of Android.)

CNET has reported that this time around Google is working with LG and will together launch a phone similar to LG's current Optimus G, which has an HD 4.7-inch screen. But instead of Android 4.0, it will run the new Android 4.2, which will have all new features. Other sites have also reported that there will be other Nexus phones launched by Google around the same time.

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