Lumoback Review: A Posture-Improving Belt That Can't Replace a Nagging Mom


It simply gets incredibly annoying after awhile, especially if you've sat down to a meal (where wearing an elastic band already isn't comfortable), or if you are in the middle of an important article under deadline and don't want to have something around your waist shaking your body.

And yes, it buzzes when you sit on the toilet too.

Bottom Line
The Lumoback works and works well. Sure, I'd like it to have an Android app, a battery life indicator, and I'd like to be able to adjust the vibration notifications to just buzz when in a very bad position. But the Lumoback does exactly what it is supposed to do: It reminds you to sit up straight and stand up more. It's done that more than five times in the time it took to write this review.

I don't want to deprive my mom of her very important job.

One or two times I heeded its vibrating signal and straightened up, but other times I ignored it. For those who are committed to improving their posture or have back problems, the Lumoback is likely to be a better fit. For $150, it's certainly worth a try and beats the cost of chiropractic and physical therapy bills.

I, on the other hand, am taking the thing off right now, because, naturally, I don't want to deprive my mom of her very important job.

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