• Chinese soft-shelled turtle passes waste urea through its mouth.

    This East Asian turtle passes waste through its mouth, scientists in Singapore report. The turtle, Pelodiscus sinensis, often submerges its head in the swampy water where it lives. Scientists say it excretes urea through its mouth instead of its kidneys.
  • Two Faced Kitten: Cat With Rare Birth Defect

    A kitten with four eyes, two noses and two mouths was reported in Charleston, West Virginia. The condition is called diprosopus and is rare in animals. In most cases, the animal does not survive but apparently little Two Face, as was dubbed, managed to beat the odds.
    WCHS/ABC News
  • freaks of nature

    A North Carolina woman returned a ham purchased at a local supermarket when she opened up the packaging to find an "eyeball" staring back at her. The woman, Denise Hamlin, eventually determined that the "eyeball" was a bone, according to the Fox affiliate in High Point, N.C. But it still didn't stop her from taking it back to the store.
  • Freaks Of Nature/Furry Pig

    Elizabeth is a Mangalitza pig, an ancient breed that was nearly wiped out in the 1990s. They are now raised on farms all over Europe, prized for producing high-quality meat. Elizabeth set off a bidding war at auction. She was sold, for $364, to Tim Fitton, a farmer who wanted the pig not for slaughter but for his 11-year-old daughter.
    © Jeff Morris
  • Freaks Of Nature/Jerjoba

    The jerboas are a family of small mammals that are adapted to burrowing and jumping in sandy areas, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Their hind legs can be as much as five times the length of their forelegs and they have long flexible tails. The tiny creatures are capable of jumping up to about 9.8 feet. Several species are endemic to the deserts of Central Asia.
  • A Rabbit Gets Acupuncture

    Percy and Connie Emert of Jersey Shore, Pa., trapped this purple squirrel in their yard. They said they did not dye the rodent and had no idea why it is purple.
    Courtesy Michelle Emert Carithers and Connie Emert
  • A Kitten With Two Faces

    This is a Janus cat, born with a rare condition that gave it one body but two faces. Its owners, Nash Hand and his wife Amanda Forsythe of Port Charlotte, Fla., named it Harvey Dent, after the two-faced Batman character.
  • Cyclops shark

    This "cyclops" shark fetus was found in the womb of a female shark caught in the Gulf of California, off the west coast of Mexico. Scientists say it would probably not have survived if it had been born.
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