MIT Develops New Radar Technology: Military Could See Through Walls


"We're speaking to potential government sponsors and are hoping someone can manufacture it," said Charvet. "This is something that we've been quietly working on so it's a new thing that requires lots of preparation, test gear, and even damage equipment while testing."

Charvet says it can be weeks worth of testing but he and his colleagues have mapped out a pretty good schedule, "the sooner we get this going the better."

When asked if the device had a name he said for now it's being called the TWIR – Through Wall Imaging Radar.

"That's all we came up with, but if anyone has a better name we'll certainly take suggestions," said Charvet.

Don't expect to see the TWIR out on the streets, at least not anytime soon. It's being pitched solely for military use in urban war zones.

Charvet did say he and his colleagues think that perhaps a version of this technology could be very useful in finding people stuck in rubble in the event of a natural disaster or even a terrorist attack but right now the plan is for military use.

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